Venere Whole

Whole grain black rice with a full aroma. Created in Italy by cross-breeding an Asian variety (black) with an Italian variety. It is grown in the Piedmont and in Sardinia. The characteristic black colour comes from the anthocyanins (powerful antioxidants) found in the rice. It is also very rich in fibre and mineral salts (selenium, magnesium, zinc, iron). Since it maintains its integrity better than white rice, and loses less starch, Venere is ideally suited to salads and as a side dish to accompany fish. It is also a great source of rice flour. Developed by the SA.PI.SE. Research Centre and included in the National Registry since 1997, this rice is protected by a European Patent granted to SA.PI.SE. Venere is a registered trademark of SA.PI.SE. for Venere rice and its derivatives. A “Venere Rice Supply Chain” was founded in 2008 and a special logo was released for participants.