Ermes Whole

Developed by the SA.PI.SE Research Centre in 2004, it’s been sold on the market since 2006. It is protected by a European patent in favour of SA.PI.SE. (EU4481/1999). In 2008, the Filiera Riso Ermes (Ermes Rice Supply Chain) was founded. The Tenuta Castello is officially affiliated with this supply chain and has been issued the membership logo. Anthocyanins provide the distinct red colour of the pericarp. It’s nutritional properties and anti-oxidant levels are similar to the Venere variety, but it takes less time to cook.

The variety was produced by cross-breeding Venere with a long-grain rice using natural techniques. It is only grown near Vercelli and Pavia. Thanks to its delicate aroma, Ermes is a very versatile grain that can be used in a salad with cooked vegetables or white meat or eaten plain, with a little oil.