Carnaroli Organic Whole Grain

Carnaroli Classico Biologico rice that has not been refined, all the outer layers of the grain are preserved. The grain is covered by the bran (a thin outer layer). What sets organic carnaroli apart from regular carnaroli is the fact that chemical substances are not used at any point when growing or processing the crop. From a nutritional point of view, whole grain rice has more fibres and lipids which, besides accounting for the hazelnut colour, determine how well it is digested and absorbed. To cook the rice, it is best to add it to cold water then bring it to a boil and allow it to simmer for 40/50 minutes.

The product comes from ENSE’s (National Elected Seed Authority) certified seeds (L.E14556-4-11 CTR1718V0401000326) and is certified organic by Ecogruppo Italia, a control body authorized by MiPAFF IT BIO 008 Controlled Operator NQ041