Carnaroli Organic

Organic carnaroli stands out compared to typical carnaroli because the crop is grown using natural methods:

– “Autumn-winter planting” of resistant crops, like mustard, which inhibit the growth of certain weeds, gives the rice plant a chance to grow.

– With “false planting” the rice fields are given no more than 1-2 cm of water, enough to encourage weeds to grow. After 25-30 days the rice field is dried out and harrowed, removing and burying the weeds.

– “Dry planting” is done by lightly ploughing between rows once the plants have produced the second or third leaf and then immediately flooding the rice field with an abundant layer of water. This technique results in an excellent organic production and significantly reduces the amount of irrigation water utilized, making its use unnecessary for at least the first 30-40 days of cultivation.